The Artisan Workshop Series at MoCA Westport


Shibori Indigo Dyeing Workshops | 3/31, 4/28 (1-3 PM)

Embrace the blues and get ready to dive into the exciting world of natural dyeing with indigo! We’ll spend our workshop learning about indigo dyeing and exploring shibori techniques to create patterns on cloth.

Instructor: Fiber artist Laura Berkowitz Gilbert/Tocco Studio

History: We begin with a brief history of indigo and discuss the various indigo growing regions across the world. Laura will focus on Japan and share her experience meeting with seventh-generation indigo farmers, dyers and designers in Tokushima on the island of Shikoku.

Using an Indigo Vat: We will discuss plant-based indigo as a dye, how it differs from other natural dyes and synthetic indigo, and practically, how dyers get the indigo to adhere to the fiber. We explore why the fabric is green when it is pulled out of the vat and then slowly turns blue.

Shibori: We’ll learn the resist dye technique called shibori and how it works with indigo. Laura will show us several types of shibori bindings and how to maintain a healthy vat while dyeing. Then we will spend the remainder of the class dipping our prepped textiles into the vat multiple times to achieve rich color and pattern. Laura will provide finishing and care instructions to implement at home.

Faces in Clay with Bianca Barroca | 4/25 (6-8 PM)

Learn the basics of sculpting a face with Brazilian ceramicist & sculptor, Bianca Barroca. In this two hour workshop, Bianca will guide you with easy steps to creating your own face mask out of clay, with ample opportunity to add your own personal flair & expression. We provide the clay, tools & glaze options, you make your mask, choose your glaze, and pick up your finished creation one week later. This is the ultimate intro class for people that have always wanted to sculpt human form, but didn’t know where to start.

Ceramic Multi-bowls with Leah Corbett | 4/27 (1-3 PM)

Make your own multi-bowl centerpiece with Fairfield-based ceramicist Leah Corbett. In this two-hour workshop, Leah will guide you through easy steps to pinch & smooth multiple bowl forms out of clay, attach them, and manipulate their shapes to fit your own creative style. We provide the clay, tools & glaze options. You get your hands a little dirty, choose your glaze, and pick up your finished creation one week later. This is a great intro to hand-building class to get some basic knowledge that will take you far in the world of pottery.

May Floral Design Workshop with Blossom + Stem | 5/7 (6-8 PM)




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