MoCA Westport is thrilled to bring you an immersive artistic experience that transcends conventional boundaries. As we celebrate the incredible work of Purvis Young through our ongoing exhibition, we’re excited to announce two engaging art classes: “Storytelling Through The Figure” and “Expressive Abstracts.” Let’s dive into the world of creativity, storytelling, and abstraction, drawing inspiration from the impactful works of Purvis Young.

Embark on a journey where art becomes a captivating narrative with our “Storytelling Through The Figure” class. Inspired by Purvis Young’s dynamic storytelling through visual art, this class invites participants to explore the power of the human figure in conveying emotions, stories, and cultural narratives. Through guided exercises, you’ll learn to infuse your creations with personal and collective stories, echoing Young’s ability to speak volumes through the language of the figure.

In our “Expressive Abstracts” workshop, we delve into the realm of abstraction, echoing Purvis Young’s bold and expressive approach to art. Young’s works often transcend literal representation, and this class empowers you to tap into that same sense of liberation and energy. Explore the freedom of abstract expression, experimenting with colors, shapes, and textures to convey emotions and evoke unique responses. Just as Young’s art challenges traditional boundaries, this class encourages you to break free from artistic constraints.

Immerse yourself in the exhibition and elevate your experience with a specialized class.

Storytelling Through The Figure | Thursdays 12p-2p

Expressive Abstracts | Fridays 12p-1p

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