Embrace a summer of artistic exploration and creativity at MoCA Westport’s Summer Art Workshops for kids aged 8-12! Running from 9:30a-12:30p on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, our Summer Art Workshops offer an array of exciting topics.

Fashion Design & Illustration: Where Style Meets Imagination! | July 16 – 18  In our Fashion Design & Illustration workshop, young designers embark on a colorful journey, experimenting with textures, and patterns to bring their unique visions to life. Learn the art of fashion illustration and develop an eye for design that is both expressive and personal.

Storytelling through Graphic Novels, Comic Books, and Manga | July 23 – 25 Unleash the power of storytelling in our Graphic Novels, Comic Books, and Manga workshop. Young storytellers will translate their vivid imaginations into captivating visuals, learning the art of narrative through the exciting world of visuals. This workshop sparks creativity, imagination, and a love for storytelling.

Embroidery & Sewing: Stitching Stories! | July 30 – August 1 From simple stitches to intricate patterns, delve into the world of threaded artistry, creating unique pieces that reflect your individual flair. 

Customizing Sneakers: BYOS: Bring Your Own Sneakers | August 6 – 8 Step into the world of self-expression as you customize sneakers in this trendsetting workshop. From paint to embellishments, each pair becomes a canvas for personal style. It’s a hands-on experience that merges fashion, art, and individuality, leaving you with a one-of-a-kind, wearable masterpiece. This workshop requires participants to bring their own shoes to customize.

At MoCA Westport, we believe in providing a platform for young artists to express themselves, collaborate with peers, and showcase their talents. Our Summer Art Workshops promise not only skill development but also a summer filled with laughter, friendships, and a sense of accomplishment. Enroll your young artist today!

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