MoCA Westport’s winter exhibition, Through the Lens of Icons: Revisiting the 1960s, opens on January 18, 2024. The 1960s stand as an era teeming with cultural vibrancy and transformative movements. This was a time of unparalleled change, marked by iconic figures and impassioned movements. We invited high school artists to rediscover this pivotal period through diverse mediums—photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, or digital media—to craft their interpretations.

Students were prompted to create pieces inspired by the following questions: Who were the icons of the 1960s that left an indelible mark on society, and how did their perspectives shape that era? How have these icons influenced the course of history, culture, or personal journeys? What messages, emotions, or stories do these icons evoke for you? How can you translate these sentiments into your chosen artistic medium? What relevance do these icons hold in today’s world, and how do they continue to inspire or challenge us?

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